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Invest Slovenia

Unlock Slovenia's potential: Your gateway to European markets with expert guidance in investment opportunities, legal support, and local connections.

Leverage Slovenia’s strategic European location for unparalleled market access

Benefit from Slovenia’s quality infrastructure and skilled workforce

Experience a stable, export-driven economy and innovative business culture

Utilize our comprehensive support

Connect with key local authorities and R&D institutions for sustainable growth

Invest confidently with our insights and personalized partner matchmaking

With Invest Slovenia, your business aspirations meet opportunity and growth. At the heart of Europe, Slovenia offers a unique geostrategic position, opening doors to over 700 million European customers.

With a reputation for a skilled, flexible workforce and a deep understanding of regional markets, Slovenia stands out as a prime investment destination.

Our services streamline your journey into Slovenia’s business landscape. From navigating legal intricacies to identifying the ideal investment location, we provide end-to-end support.

Panorama of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe.
A harmonious blend of vibrant lifestyle and robust financial opportunities

Best Reasons to Invest in Slovenia

  • Geostrategic Location: Slovenia’s location at the heart of Europe provides easy access to markets, serving as a springboard for business in the EU, Balkans, and Eastern Europe.
  • Quality Infrastructure: The country boasts a robust infrastructure, supporting efficient business operations.
  • Stable Export-Driven Economy: Slovenia has a resilient economy with a strong focus on exports.
  • Innovative Workforce: The workforce is known for its innovation, skills, and flexibility, contributing to a competitive business environment.
  • Quick Company Setup: Register a company in a few days and get your business up and running.
  • Supportive Business Environment: Comprehensive support for businesses, including partner matchmaking, guidance in establishing companies, data-based analysis, finding investment locations, and ongoing post-investment support.
  • Green Initiatives: Slovenia is committed to sustainable development and environmental protection. With guidelines for implementing a circular economy, Slovenia integrates sustainable practices into business models, government policies, and cultural behaviors​​.
  • Tax Advantages: Slovenia offers a favorable tax environment for investors. The corporate tax rate is competitively set at 19%, one of the lowest in the EU. There are numerous tax reliefs available, including for R&D investments, digital transformation, and green transition.
  • Industry Focus: Slovenia prides itself on a long industrial tradition and a workforce skilled in innovation. This combination ensures Slovenia remains at the forefront of global innovation, adding value to businesses across a range of high-value sectors like ICT, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences.

What Do We Offer?

Invest Slovenia provides a comprehensive range of services to assist businesses and investors:

1. Single Point of Contact

We act as your central point for businesses and investors, offering strategic advice and operational support for entering the Slovenian market.

2. In-Depth Investment Assistance

We provide detailed information on local investment opportunities, site location guidance, and help during the selection process. This includes connecting investors with professional services, sector experts, and relevant authorities.

3. Partner Matchmaking

Assisting foreign companies in identifying suitable Slovenian suppliers and business partners, we offer individual advice and tailored information.

4. Planning and Legal Advice

Our planning services include comprehensive market analysis, identifying opportunities, legal assistance and developing tailor-made strategies to maximize your business potential in Slovenia.

These services are designed to ensure a seamless and successful business experience in Slovenia, from the initial stages of investment to long-term growth and development in the Slovenian market.

Our data-driven approach ensures your decisions are informed and strategic, aligning with Slovenia’s focus on high-tech and knowledge-intensive industries.

We offer personalized guidance, ensuring a hassle-free experience in establishing and expanding your business in Slovenia.

Ready to explore the opportunities that Slovenia offers? Connect with us today and take the first step towards realizing your business potential in this dynamic European hub.

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We are a financially protected company, fully bonded and insured, keeping your money safe and allowing you to invest with confidence.


We treat our customers like VIPs by building on a foundation of great communication and always putting our client’s needs first.


We ensures that everything you invest yields maximum returns, leveraging our deep market insights and financial acumen to enhance the value of your investments.
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